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October 10, 2019
By Laura Powell, Skift

For centuries, many European and Asian cultures have viewed mineral-fed hot springs as a source of health, wellness, and healing. But according to the Global Wellness Institute, the sector is quite underdeveloped in North America, due to a lack of a historic bathing culture that is prevalent elsewhere. The times are changing, however, as more Americans are looking to nature for its power to calm and rejuvenate.

In the United States, hot springs have traditionally been seen in recreational terms rather than as a wellness endeavor, according to Vicky Nash, a tourism consultant who is dedicated to professionalizing the hot springs industry. Thanks to the efforts of Nash and a former U.S. senator, among others, hot springs are suddenly being reframed as wellness destinations across the country.

To read the full article: https://skift.com/2019/10/10/why-the-hot-springs-movement-is-gaining-steam-in-the-united-states/

Hot Springs and CBD Products a Natural Fit

September 20, 2019

By Hot Springs Connection

In 2016, Bryan Ward’s friend decided to expand his Colorado ranch by planting hemp and asked him for help. With a background in technology startups, Ward was intrigued and began learning everything he could about the uses of hemp. He soon discovered cannabidiol’s (CBD) successful use as a natural treatment for arthritis, insomnia, epileptic seizures, diabetes and other illnesses.

The following year, he established Sopris Health & Wellness in Carbondale, Colorado, and today the company sells full-spectrum CBD body care products, oil, gelcaps and salves for people as well as CBD treats and well-being tinctures for pets. Next up is a line of tinctures that combine hemp extract with other botanical extracts to target specific ailments with enhanced effectiveness. All Sopris products are hemp derived and can be sold and used in all 50 states.

“I realized hemp-extracted CBD supplements and oils were my opportunity to start a company dedicated to helping people increase well-being,” Ward says.

To read the full article: https://www.hotspringsconnection.com/2019/09/hot-springs-and-cbd-products-a-natural-fit

What’s New at Hot Springs Resorts in America

Posted: September 19, 2019

By Hot Springs Connection

There is a whole lot of new going on around North America’s hot springs industry. Check out this round-up of both practical and innovative solutions to make the hot springs experience enjoyable and memorable for guests in the United States and Canada.

To read full article: https://www.hotspringsconnection.com/2019/09/whats-new-at-hot-springs-in-america/

Californians with Century-Old Water Rights Face Restrictions

Farms and other Californians that have been shielded from water reductions because of century-old claims could face new restrictions, the State Water Resources Control Board said Friday.

It's another sign of the rising severity of California's drought, now in its fourth consecutive year. Surveyors on Wednesday found the Sierra Nevada snowpack containing just 5 percent of its normal water level, which makes its way into rivers and streams and provides 30 percent of the state's water.

To read the full article: https://www.agweb.com/article/californians-with-century-old-water-rights-face-restrictions--naa-associated-press/

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