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Cloward H2O will Sponsor the 5th Annual Hot Springs Connection Conference

Published on 10/23/2023



Cloward H2O will be attending the 5th annual Hot Springs Connection conference in January– the only such gathering in the U.S. focused on the unique needs of hot springs pools and resorts.


With the recent major renovation of 3 well-known Hot Springs Resorts; Glenwood Hot Springs (Glenwood, CO), Ouray Hot Springs (Ouray, CO) & Astoria Hot Springs (Jackson, WY) many people may be surprised to find that the engineering was done by World Renowned recreational water specialist, Cloward H2O. Some know Cloward H2O as resort pool specialists, some as waterpark specialists, some as aquarium & aquatic life support specialists. The truth is that Cloward H2O specializes in “All Things Water” or more accurately…all types of recreational water.


Intimate understanding of the physics, chemistry and biology involved in recreational aquatics whether for pools, waterparks, surf lakes, fountains, aquariums, or hot springs, infuses strength to our work in each of these sectors. The expertise we have in one area is invaluable to our work in other areas. Our 40+ years of aquatic engineering has built a wealth of knowledge that we apply to each individual project that we are engaged in.


Hot springs are the latest crossover for Cloward H2O as clients with highly specialized aquatic facilities and difficult challenges seek us out to resolve extremely tough problems. Hot springs pool projects present unique opportunities to incorporate the natural environment and include sustainable design. However, each geothermal source produces its own unique challenges with high temperature, heavy metals and minerals, salts, smells, thermophilic bacteria, etc. not to mention potential difficulties with source collection, discharge of the water after use and the corrosive effect of the minerals on pumps, pipes, and filters, even concrete. Highly specialized solutions are therefore required - typical swimming pool or hydrotherapy spa pool design methodologies and materials just do not cut it.


Tired facilities are rapidly being renovated by a new generation of owners implementing updated and improved equipment, better sanitation, safer water, modern support facilities and new amenities. Guests have much higher expectations for issues like sanitation today than when many of these facilities were opened decades (even centuries) ago. They demand soaking experiences that embrace both the modern standards to prevent water borne illness and the natural benefits of the geothermal waters. Fewer people are willing to swim, dip and soak in pools with slime on the walls and dark water that obscures the bottom.


Typical geothermal source waters emerge at temperatures between 95 and 130 °F (35 and 55 °C) but can often be well over 150 °F (65°C). This is a tremendous amount of energy and, depending on the available flow rate, the available energy can be used for any number of purposes besides just pools. The energy is not without limit however and so it must be allocated wisely and optimized through multiple uses, both direct as with soaking pools or indirect to heat buildings, provide domestic hot water or deck/pavement heating, to achieve the greatest benefit.


Cloward H2O meets these challenges with our diverse and broad-based experience. Utilizing sound engineering and scientific principles we create effective, efficient, and successful solutions with long life, low operating cost and safety for recreational and therapeutic aquatics. From the earliest planning stages to installation and opening, the vast experience and expertise of our team is leveraged to cover all aspects of complex projects in partnership with the owner, developer, and the entire design team to ensure the ultimate success of the project.


Ready to improve your water quality systems? Contact Cloward H2O for the most extensive cross-functional knowledge in the industry.