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Member Name Business Name Location  Phone          Website

 Abbott, JanetBANA  National  512-844-8747 https://www.balneology.org/

 Allegretti, Tony  Ten Thousand Waves   New   Mexico   505-992-5035 https://tenthousandwaves.com/spa
 Anselmo, David  Yampah Hot Springs & Spa  Colorado  970-947-946 https://yampahspa.com/

 Avery, Nettie  Glenwood Insurance  Colorado  970-945-9161 https://glenwoodinsurance.com/

 Bachechi,   Samantha  SunWater Spa  Colorado  719-310-9439 https://www.sunwellness.net/

 Begich, Mark  Carson Historic Hot Springs  Nevada  775-885-8844 https://carsonhotsprings.com/

 Bush, Michael  Splashland, LLC  Colorado  719-695-7007  http//splashlandllc.com/

 Carpenter, Chad  AARFID, LLC  New York  716-992-3999  https://aarfid.com/

 Carter, Dan  Durango Hot Springs  Colorado  970-247-0111  https://www.durangohotspringsresort
 Clayton, Cyndi  La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa  California  575-740-0770


 Collier, Cary & Kim  Collier Concepts  Montana  406-250-9009 https://collierconcepts.com/

 Cooper, Mogli  Iron Mountain Hot Springs  Colorado  970-433-5838 https://ironmountainhotsprings.com/

 Curry, Lynn  Curry Spa Consulting  California  707-933-0408 https://www.curryspaconsulting.com/

 De Vierville, J. PaulBANA  Texas  830-391-5154 https://www.balneology.org/

 Ettinger-Harwell,   Lyn  SunWater Spa  Colorado  719-310-9439  https://www.sunwellness.net/

 Foerstner, Jake  Riverbend Hot Springs  New Mexico  575-680-2401 https://riverbendhotsprings.com/ 

 Franklin, Cynthia  Franklin Hot Springs  California  805-712-5372 https://franklinhotsprings.com/

 Gindling, Kurt  The Springs  Idaho  208-392-9500 https://franklinhotsprings.com/

 Greer, Jeff  Overlook Hot Springs  Colorado   970-264-4040  http://www.overlookhotsprings.com/

 Griffith, Robert Desert Hot Springs   California  760-333-4248  https://robertfordhs.com/ 

 Hassel, Bobbie  Durango Hot Springs  Colorado  970-247-0111  https://www.durangohotspringsresort
 Hein, Ryan  Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs  Colorado   970-325-4427  https://twinpeakslodging.com/
 Hurlbert, Denise  SunWater Spa    Colorado 719-310-9439   https://www.sunwellness.net/

 Johnson, Mark  Filoha Meadows  Colorado  970-425-0197  https://www.filohameadows.com/

 Judd, Joseph     440-223-0986

 Klauck, Duke Ten Thousand Waves    New Mexico 505-992-5007 www.tenthousandwaves.com
 Maguire, Kevin  Castle Hot Springs  Arizona 844-348 - 1601  www.castlehotsprings.com
 Miller, Sandra  Glen Ivy Hot Springs  California  951-277-3529https://www.glenivy.com

 Nash, Vicky  Hot Springs Connection Conference  Colorado  970-948-4923  https://www.hotspringsconnection
 Oschefski,   Harmony  The Bodhi Spa  Rhode Island  401-619-4916  www.thebodhispa.com

 O'Sullivan, Patrick  PRO Insurance Services, Inc.   Illinois  708-375-1535  www.proinsuranceservices.net

 Perry, Billie  Broadwater Hot Springs  Montana  406-443-5777 https://broadwatermt.com/

 Price, Brandon  Medicine Springs  Montana  406-461-2055 https://www.medicinesprings.com/

 Pringle, Ryan  Waunita Hot Springs  Colorado  970-641-1266 http://www.waunita.com/

 Quast, Kathy  Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort  California 707-942-4441   www.romanspahotsprings.com

 Randall, Scott  Saratoga Hot Springs Resort  Wyoming   307-399-5776  https://saratogahotspringsresort
 Reed, Brinton  Breitenbush Hot Springs   Oregon  503-854-3312  https://breitenbush.com/

 Roberts, Stephanie  River Oak Hot Springs  California  805-238-4600  http://riveroakshotsprings.com/

 Savoy Jr., Gene Steamboat Hot Springs   Nevada  775-741-8051  https://steamboatsprings.org/

 Shellhamer, Keith  Carson Historic Hot Springs  Nevada  775-885-8844 https://carsonhotsprings.com/

 Shellhamer, Nilza  Carson Historic Hot Springs  Nevada   775-885-8844 https://carsonhotsprings.com/

 Shulman, Liz  Jemez Hot Springs   New Mexico  575-829-9175  www.jemezhotsprings.com

 Skates, Kevin  Hot Springs State Park  Wyoming   307-864-2176  https://wyoparks.wyo.gov

 Sommer, Michael  Moccasin Springs  South Dakota  605-745-7625 https://www.moccasinsprings.com/
 Stahr, Angelique  Healing Waters Resort & Spa  Colorado  970-264-5910  https://www.pshotsprings.com/

 Stone, Ken  Durango Hot Springs Colorado   970-247-0111  https://www.durangohotspringsresort
 Stuart, Ralph  Blackstone Hot Springs  New Mexico  505-670-6048 https://www.blackstonehotsprings.com/

 Taylor, Angelia    Florida  863-697-1480  

 Thoma, Schawna  Northern Compass Group  Alaska  907-206-4808


 Titensor, Shanelle Green Canyon Hot Springs Idaho 208-458-4454https://www.greencanyonhotsprings.com/

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