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  • A Message from Charles Davidson, Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia: Immune Boosting Activities at Peninsula Hot Springs

A Message from Charles Davidson, Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia: Immune Boosting Activities at Peninsula Hot Springs

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 11:27 AM | Schawna Thoma (Administrator)

Immune Boosting Activities at Peninsula Hot Springs 

Charles Davidson, Group Chairman Peninsula Hot Springs 

Jeff Wang Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism in China and Member of the Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative has established operating procedures for hot springs in acute virus situations and practices to boost our immune systems through various health and wellbeing practices at hot springs. 

Global Wellness Institute Board Member Dr Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States, reminds us, “Your body’s first line of defence against any infectious disease is your immune system; maintaining and enhancing your immune system begins with actions you take to optimize your nutrition, exercise, sleep, social connections and mental health.” 

Elder Anne Warren who comes from the Ya-idt’midtung Country in the mountains of South East Australia encourages the practice of ‘conscious wellness’ based on the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual self. This is achieved through regular practices (healthy habits) such as getting out into the sunlight and moonlight, eating fresh healthy foods including a diet rich in vitamin C, bathing in mineral springs, the sea and rivers, using all of our senses in meditation, deep breathing and connecting with nature. 

Professor Marc Cohen, MD recommends, “Healthy lifestyle practices as they are not only the most effective prevention for viral illness, they are currently also the best treatment.” He also says, “Fear and worry can overwork your sympathetic nervous system and flood your body with ‘fight and flight chemicals’ that inhibit your immune system. This can be counteracted by focusing on positive emotions and stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system through simple actions that include the “10 Hacks to Relax” which are: 

1. Touch all your fingers 

2. Wiggle your toes 

3. Soften your stomach 

4. Breathe through your nose 

5. Sigh 

6. Smile 

7. Swallow 

8. Sing 

9. Flutter your eyelids 

10. Focus within” 

How to boost your immune system at Peninsula Hot Springs 

At Peninsula Hot Springs we offer many facilities and activities that are helpful for boosting immune systems. Here are many of them: 

1. Clean Air and Sunlight 

Surrounded by nature in a forest of trees this venue that started as a bare horse paddock provides a blissful oxygen filled green setting in which to relax, take time and just be. Open air pools mean guests spend allot of time in the sunshine soaking up: vitamin D, the natural surrounds, and the friendships of the people with whom they visit. 

2. Clean Water 

Filtered drinking water taps are available throughout the facility and there are signs in many locations reminding our guests to remain well hydrated.

 3. Food 

Fresh healthy food is served from four food outlets offering SLOW Food (Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole) as much as possible. We use herbs, seeds and vegetables grown in our own organic Food Bowl gardens with specific immune boosting varieties including ginger, garlic, sage and thyme. 

4. Global Bathing Offerings 

Over 60 hot springs bathing pools, saunas, hammams, cold plunge pools, an ice cave and 4 deg C ice plunge pool are set along trails in the natural environment providing spaces for relaxation and connection. Hot and Cold contrast therapy promote blood circulation and enhance the immune response. 

5. Aromatherapy 

Aromatherapy is available in private mineral spring baths using essential oils that are renowned for their immune boosting responses such as eucalyptus, lemongrass, bergamont, teatree and many others. We are currently working on a new experience where these essential oils and others will be infused in thermal mineral spring showers. 

6. Mindful Physical Activities 

Mindful physical activities and wellbeing programs are offered enabling guests to participate in Yoga classes, Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) and Tai Chi. To encourage our staff to go outdoors we recommend ‘walking meetings’ and are installing desks around the property to enable staff to read and work outdoors on good weather days.

 7. Music 

Music is made available to guests in various offerings on two stages and also in our ice cave, saunas and even through underwater speakers in the seven pools of the Amphitheatre bathing area. Regular ‘heart zone’ music is being played through underwater speakers designed to focus on stress reduction and promote emotional balance. 

8. Nature 

A correlation between connecting with nature and stress and immune strength has been clearly demonstrated. Peninsula Hot Springs with its forests and walking trails and bathing facilities that deliberately takes visitors on a walking bathing journey. Moving from location to location visitors are subtly and subliminally connected to the nature around them. 

9. Sleep 

The combination of hot spring bathing and sleep have been shown to provide a higher quality of sleep and a clear regeneration of the bodily functions. Providing locations where daytime sleep is possible is important. At Peninsula Hot Springs these locations include relaxation lounges, relaxation Domes, hammocks and deckchairs. Glamping tents and group domes will soon be available for private groups and couples. 

“It is the conscious constant pursuit of wellness through the choices we make every day that contribute to our overall health and particularly the health of our immune systems. Building regular healthy habits into our daily routines is the best way to look after yourself and your wellbeing.” 

10. Joy/Laughter/Connection/Friendship 

hot springs provide a relaxed natural setting for people to take time to relax, refresh and enjoy each other’s company. In an ever busy world creating spaces for connection is vital. Peninsula Hot Springs is deliberately designed to provide small spaces for private groups of friends to feel like they have the area all to themselves. 

Charles Davidson 

contact info 

charles.davidson@peninsulahotsprings.com Peninsula Hot Springs, Springs Lane, Fingal, Victoria, Australia, 3939 



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