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A Message from Charles Davidson, Peninsula Hot Springs in Australia

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 9:33 AM | Schawna Thoma (Administrator)

Dear Hot Springs Friends, 

On Monday we shut down Peninsula Hot Springs and laid off (asked they go on temporary unpaid leave) about 300 of our wonderful staff. I imagine that you are all experiencing the same type of difficult times as we are.

We have been thinking of utilising Peninsula Hot Springs as a service to the health of our community in this time of need. Possibly you can do the same now or during future outbreaks (if you don’t yet have your facilities built) at hot springs in your respective communities. 

During the crisis there are three scenarios we have identified to support the medical industry and the broader community that could be possible including:

  • A respite centre for the medical profession. Keeping the profession healthy during this time is essential and hot springs are well placed to provide many immune boosting activities.
  • A quarantine facility in which people can spend their isolation period
  • A second stage hospital support facility for non-critical patients recovering from the virus

The Global Hot Springs Initiative and its members around the world worked with the Asia-Pacific Institute of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism in China (a FEMTEC supported organisation) on research into immune boosting activities that can be provided at hot springs. This resulted in a compilation of academic and industry findings. Peninsula Hot Springs also produced a PDF document outlining how many of these immune boosting activities can be experienced at its facility on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia.

  After a shutdown of the entire Chinese tourism industry including all of the hot springs in January this month, a little over two months since the shutdown, hot springs have slowly begun re-opening. To facilitate this re-opening the Asia-Pacific Institute of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism developed a procedure for operating hot springs in situations of virus outbreaks. We worked with them to translate this operating procedure. This could be very helpful in framing an operating procedures for your respective communities.

They have also produced a forward thinking industry future trends paper that outlines how they see the industry emerging from this COVID-19 pandemic.

I include four documents with this e-mail that provide background to the potential of utilising hot springs to support our communities in these difficult times. (to view, click back to the "Wellness" home page)

 Have  a look at these and lets continue the global hot springs industry conversation about how we can help each other through this tough situation. It is by working together that we will build the beautiful connected world we all strive to and dream of living in. In love we are one.

Please share this with your fellow hot springs industry colleagues and anyone else for whom it could be relevant and for whom you think it could help. 

 Much love to you all ,

Charles Davidson



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