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 040 Abousleman Loop, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 

About: Jemez Hot Springs is located in the mountain village of Jemez Springs, NM next to the Jemez River and within walking distance of restaurants, shops and lodging. Space is limited and that means you never have to feel you're trying to relax with a hundred people around you, so call and make a reservation if you can! Jemez Springs does not use chemicals or chlorine - they use ultraviolet light, ionizers and an oxygen inversion system in our flow through pool for disinfection. Jemez Springs are all natural, so rest assured you are soaking in the therapeutic minerals and not harsh chemicals when you "take the waters" here!

The water on this property originates from deep beneath the Valles Caldera National Preserve about 17 miles up the mountain. Ancient sea water was trapped there long ago, infused with many minerals over eons of time. They believe it's one of the reasons the water in their village is so special. They offer four pools of varying temperatures, all containing therapeutic mineral water. Our pool temperatures are maintained at a comfortable 98-105 degrees Fahrenheit. There is built in seating in the pools. 

Down near the river, you'll also notice an old, weather-worn wooden building. If you look closely, you can still read, "Hot Sulphur Spring Water Baths" across the top of it. This is the original bath house of the Jemez Springs area and it was built sometime in the mid 1800s. Back then, the stage coach would bring people out from Albuquerque. They came for the healing waters and would stay on average about a month a time considering it wasn't a quick trip back then!


  • The Inner Peace Pool is their  original pool and is the deepest, set down near the river.
  • The Meditation Pool is a small pool that is generally the hottest pool on the property. It is located in such a way that you can watch the river roll by as you soak.
  • The Fountain of Youth Pool has the Goddess Hebe overlooking it and she is the Goddess of Youth.
  • The Reflecting Pool is a large pool with beautiful views of the mesa.

Fun Fact: Long before the stagecoach brought white settlers here, the Native people of the area used these hot springs for healing and spiritual activities. Centuries ago, it was the ancient Anasazi that frequented them, and later the Towa people (the modern-day Jemez). 

Starting Monday, November 16th, Jemez Hot Springs will be CLOSED due to New Mexico's shelter in place for two weeks order.

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